A Story of Redemption

I was having lunch last week with my friend Tom and he shared with me an unbelievable story of how God has been working in his life lately. I had goosebumps as he told it to me. I asked him if I could blog it for you guys to read and he sent me the following “Reader’s Digest” version. This is absolutely incredible, and it shows the opportunity we all have to experience the thrill of God’s Spirit if we would choose to listen.
“I have been blessed with a personality that draws people to me; very passionate and outgoing. For most of my years my God-given talent was abused by me. I used it to attract and control women and was very abusive to them mentally and physically.
Over the past few months God has been working on my heart in accountability, reconciliation, and owning my past. My wife and I talked about me seeking out those who I have hurt, as I did her, and let them know I’m not who I used to be. With her blessing I proceeded.
And then God rocked my world. Last week God spoke very clearly to my heart to find a girl from 25 years ago named Terri. I Googled and Facebooked her but no luck. That Sunday at church, no one showed up to drive the trams, so I drove. On the last run through the parking lot, I stopped by a person walking and asked if they needed a ride. She said no. But when she spoke I immediately recognized her and said…Terri? Stunned, she looked back and said Tommy?
Terri got on the tram and I told her my God story, then she told me someone invited her to come to Central and that she was supposed to go to the 11am service but ended up at the 9:30 service and didn’t know why. There was no reason for her to be on campus at 9:30 that Sunday morning other than God had orchestrated this event. We met later in the week and God allowed me to spend 2 hours in reconciling my past and sharing my faith with her. It was one of the hardest things I have had to do but it was worth it. God can restore everything to his good if you don’t ignore the Spirit’s prompting. I was able to ask Terri and God to forgive me and I was free from the guilt and shame.” – Tom

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