Digital Courage (Remixed)

In our world of computers and online conversations it is easy to say what you want with little regard to how it affects others. This is often referred to as “digital courage.” Many people say things behind a keyboard which they’d never dream of saying to someone’s face. As a person who speaks on stage in front of people I’m often on the receiving end of someone’s digital courage. It can quickly be discouraging and less than objective to whatever it was which was actually said. While those are the examples that usually stand out to me personally, I’m also acutely aware how single-minded I can become when I’m writing about opinions of my own. The challenge before us all (and the continuous reminder) is to be the same person behind a keyboard that we are in person. For that matter, to be the same person regardless of the setting or situation. Few of us will ever talk face to face with the person we feel the need to speak out against. That’s why the video above is so great. It’s a remix of the same concept where fans were invited to boo Robinson Cano for leaving the Yankees this year for a bigger contract. It all feels natural… until Robinson himself shows up. How would you respond if you had to read your opinions about someone directly to them?

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Jeremy Jernigan

Speaker | Author | Founder of Communion Wine Co.