Top 20 Quotes from Q 2014

Top 20 Quotes from Q 2014

I went to the first two Q conferences eight years ago and haven’t been able to make it back since. My third one was long overdue and was another great experience. Q is a unique conference in that it targets the church and culture and looks for ways to bring them together. Here are my twenty favorite quotes from the event (or at least my best effort to capture what they said). Click here to see other posts I’ve done featuring my top 20 quotes. Andy Crouch
  • The test of the common good is the flourishing of the vulnerable.
  • If you care about the flourishing of the vulnerable you will care about religious freedom.
  • If we don’t learn how to properly accommodate others we will end up with a false pluralism.
Sheryl Eberly
  • Manners aren’t about impressing others, they are about respect for others.
Donna Freitas
  • Christianity is bigger than its teaching against premarital sex.
Russell Moore
  • What transforms people isn’t ideas, but the hearing of a Galilean voice.
  • We cannot be a gospel free outrage machine or a gospel free affirmation machine.
  • Let’s keep Christianity weird.
Rebecca Lyons
  • The most secure men are the ones who give a voice to women.
Dr. Caroline Leaf
  • You cannot control the events and circumstances of your life but you can control your reaction to the events and circumstances.
Joy Eggerichs
  • If you’re not fulfilled in your singleness you won’t be fulfilled in marriage.
Shauna Niequist
  • Don’t let logistics get in the way of your calling.
Rachel Held Evans
  • What makes the gospel offensive isn’t who it keeps out, but who it lets in.
Christine Caine
  • A lot of people traffic the church to build their own ministry.
  • The Church must stop asking, “Who is the most marketable?” and start asking, “Who is marked by God?”
  • Being contemporary does not make you prophetic.
Anthony Bradley
  • God works now for later. (The church often has too short of a timeline for restoration)
  • Exile is not removing yourself from a certain culture, but living in that culture and living faithfully.
Sister Joan Catherine Kennedy
  • Our life is a balance of contemplation and action.
J. Kameron Carter
  • Our problem is we want a Christianity that wins.

Which quote stands out the most to you? Let me know in the comments below!

Click here to see other posts I’ve done featuring my Top 20 Quotes.

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