Little Things Matter

Little Things Matter

In a world of choices, the little things matter. It used to be that someone may not know the difference of the little things from one place to another. In our social media world everything is out in the open. I’m not sure why my fast food experiences spur on so many blog ideas for me, but since I’ve already written about McDonald’s and Burger King, here’s a post about two more. I don’t often eat at Whataburger, but my last experience stood out to me. My normal drive through routine is to ask for a packet of barbecue and ranch. Normally they silently grab a few and toss them in my bag. If you’re a regular at Whataburger, you know that’s not the case. I was told that I’d have to pay extra for each condiment I wanted. Seriously? That’s just as absurd as I’d feel in today’s world being charged for a refill on a drink, or my wifi at a coffee shop. It’s not that I can’t afford to buy a packet or two of barbecue sauce. The point is that you’ve completely changed my experience when you added that to the equation. Contrast that with Dairy Queen. Not necessarily known for their food, but it’s one of their best kept secrets. We took our family through a Dairy Queen drive through this week and asked for extra sauce… for all of us. The picture above is the plethora we received. Not only did they douse of with a handful of each, their sauces are huge to begin with! Here’s the point: while the actual food between Whataburger and Dairy Queen is similar in my opinion (I may even give a nod to Whataburger here), the experiences are different enough that I’d choose Dairy Queen every time. While we expect the big things to be the tipping point, it’s usually the little things. (click here to tweet this) So whatever you spend your day doing today, focus on the little things. You’ll likely have very little control over how much of the big picture you are able to change. But we can all shape the little things.

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Jeremy Jernigan

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