Embrace the End to Get the New

Embrace the End to Get the New

This weekend we had seventeen incredible Easter services at Central. It was extra special for our church since we were finishing a two and a half year series through the Gospel of Luke. Our creative element played with a stamp that said either “end,” or “new,” depending on which way you turned it. The point was that the end of the life of Christ offers us a new life in response. I’ve continued to think about this idea. The hard reality is that we seldom like endings. They are painful and usually involve us admitting defeat or some sort of failure. For anyone trying to create something new or take a risk, endings are a part of the process. As Seth Godin says,
“If failure is not an option than neither is success.”
Do you have a failure you need to embrace in order to experience something new? Something that you haven’t fully acknowledged to yourself or to others? Odds are, everyone sees it as something needing to end. I remember how difficult it was for me to shut down a site I had made for dads after I realized that it was draining me to maintain it and I didn’t have the buy-in I had hoped to get. I dragged my feet for awhile making the decision. Not surprisingly, I was also amazed how great it felt to close it and redouble my efforts elsewhere. We often miss out on something new because we are holding onto the end of something else. (Click here to tweet this) You’ll never know what new opportunities await you until you embrace the end of others. There is a season for everything. Allow yourself to experience a new season.

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