Disassembling Your Faith

Disassembled CameraDisassembled Clock Radio I love these two pictures. On the left is a disassembled camera and on the right is a disassembled clock radio (click on them to see a bigger version). They elicit two responses from me:
  1. Anxiety – Can you imagine taking all these pieces apart? More importantly, can you imagine trying to put them back together???
  2. Encouragement – I like seeing visually that things make sense. There is no “magic” when it comes to either device.
I remember when I was a kid that my dad once completely disassembled an engine and laid out all the pieces in the garage (much like the pictures above). He did this for “fun” to see how it all worked. With the exception of the handful of leftover pieces at the end I think he felt successful in this. My friend Brian recently gave one of the best talks at our Ironman Bible study that I’ve ever heard. He talked about what goes into our faith and how doubts are a natural part in getting things to make sense. If we never unpack it we’ll never fully understand how it works together. I’d strongly encourage you to click here and spend some time listening to his ideas. It is well worth your time.

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