Divine Conspiracy – Ch.8

Here are a few of my favorite thoughts on Dallas Willard’s Divine Conspiracy for chapter 8. Only two chapters left after this and then I will have blogged through this whole behemoth of a book!

“One thing is sure: You are somebody’s disciple. You learned how to live from somebody else. There are no exceptions to this rule, for human beings are just the kind of creatures that have to learn and keep learning from others how to live.”

“The narrow gate is not, as so often assumed, doctrinal correctness. The narrow gate is obedience–and the confidence in Jesus necessary to it. We can see that it is not doctrinal correctness because many people who cannot even understand the correct doctrines nevertheless place their full faith in him. Moreover, we find many people who seem to be very correct doctrinally but have hearts full of hatred and unforgiveness. The broad gate, by contrast, is simply doing whatever I want to do.”

“The purposes of God in human history will eventually be realized, of course. The divine conspiracy will not be defeated. But multiple millions of individual human beings will live a futile and failing existence that God never intended.”

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Jeremy Jernigan

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