What Do You Turn Into?

We had a staff meeting yesterday at Central and one of the conversations was about the things we do that attract people to the church and the things that we do that discourage people from the church. Things like including others, smiling, asking people questions, etc. As a staff, we naturally concluded that we do the things on the good side more. But then an interesting distinction was made: if we do the right things 9/10 times but do the wrong things 1/10 times, the wrong things will likely overwhelm the good things we did. That means our one bad day or off moment will cancel out those moments when we are at our finest. It was a challenge to not lower our guards and to realize that with a guest to our church we likely don’t get a second chance after a bad experience. As I’ve reflected on that I’ve been thinking about what I do when I’m not on my “A game.” As an introvert, I easily keep to myself and have a tendency to settle for what is comfortable. Just like the classic illustration of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde we all have multiple sides to us. Often times our immediate family are the people who see our bad side. While it is easy to lower our guard and justify why we should be able to act the way we want in these moments, we must always remember that people will react to what we do 10/10 times. We can’t afford to turn into something nasty when we inevitably find ourselves having one of those days. What do you turn into?

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Jeremy Jernigan

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