NewSpring Leadership Conference

[T]oday was spent “drinking from the fire hose” at the NewSpring Leadership Conference in South Carolina. It was a phenomenal lineup of guys for a one day conference on leadership, preaching, and all things Jesus. Here are a highlight of the key ideas I took from each speaker:

Perry Noble

5 things we need in the church (based on John 2):
  1. awareness of The presence of Jesus
  2. a desperation for His voice
  3. a realization of what He has given us
  4. a desire to work hard
  5. a desire for people to see Jesus clearly
Life is a gift // Eternity is reality The reason some people are doing life without Jesus is that we are often doing church without Jesus.

Steven Furtick

5 observations on gratitude:
  1. gratitude is never invisible or silent
  2. gratitude sustains joy and blessing
  3.  gratitude begins where my sense of entitlement ends
  4. grateful people can find a blessing, enlarge a blessing, or create a blessing in almost any situation
  5. Negative people can find a burden, enlarge a burden, or create a burden in almost any situation
When you’re grateful you will say it and show it. Don’t ask me for anything before you say thank you for everything. Bitterness causes you to relive an offense in your life. Gratitude causes you to relive blessings in your life.

Craig Groeschel

Three levels of serving God:
  1. First level: make a name, make a living. Success means “I’m good.” In this stage you compete with everyone.
  2. Second level: make a difference. Success means “we’re good.” You compete with people outside of the organization.
  3. Third level: make history in this world. Success means “God is good.” You compete with Satan.
If you’re not ready to face opposition to God you’re not ready to be used by God. Worry when nobody is criticizing you. If you blame yourself for the declines you may give yourself credit for the increases.

Andy Stanley

4 suggestions to make a difference:
  1. do not take a public stand on everything the public wants you to take a stand on
  2. do not fear guilt by association (we walk toward the messes)
  3. do not attempt to police the behavior of people who do not believe what you believe
  4. when political and cultural issues intersect with biblical teaching… Talk about it
It’s much easier to make a point than it is to make a difference. You can’t influence without association. We aren’t here to please the people who already agree with us.

Jud Wilhite

2 Corinthians 5:11-12 Ways to stay grounded:
  1. do a gut check
  2. stay a little crazy for God
  3. be compelled by Christ’s love
  4. focus on the task of reconciliation
Your responsibility is not a spectacular ministry but rather a faithful and sincere heart. Ministry is messy because sin is messy.

Marc Driscoll

Romans 1:25 Under every sin problem is an idol problem. You can have a theology of something but not a reality of something. Marriage gets better or it gets bitter. Priorities: Christian, spouse, parent, worker Be friendly toward all, but friends with a few. Some marriages are back to back, some are shoulder to shoulder, but God desires it to be face to face.

Judah Smith

Hebrews 11:13 2 kings 4:8-37 2 Corinthians 1:20 Whether in living or dying I will do it by faith. God is a generational God. Sometimes the promises are not filled in our lifetimes. The onus lies on the promiser and not the promisee. Jesus is the sum and substance of all God’s promises.

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