Easter Reflections

I love Easter. The truth of the resurrection changes everything. I’m especially fascinated with John 21:1-7 this year. When the apostle John says, “It is the Lord,” time stand stills. Peter jumps into the water. God is alive. Amazing.

Above is the video of my message at Central this year.

We got the kids all dressed up for a service and snapped a photo that has quickly become one of my favorites. Make sure you notice Madsen’s face.

Jeremy Jernigan, Michelle Jernigan, Gavin, Madsen, Adelyn

In case you missed it, there was also an egg floating around that suspiciously resembled me.

Jeremy Jernigan - Easter egg

And finally, here is a great blog I read from Richard Beck that gives an interesting perspective on the Easter story.

It’s the day after Easter, but make sure that the reality of Easter is dominating each and every day of your life. You were made for more!


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