My Egypt Trip in Pictures

EbolaThe last few weeks I spent over in Egypt with a crew from our church staff. Our purpose was to capture videos and images to raise our global awareness at Central. It was my second time there (last was four years ago) and I thought I’d give you some of the highlights through pictures. Click on any of the images to enlarge. One of the strangest things was how often Michelle or I were asked about whether we were nervous about me getting Ebola because I was in Africa. Michelle started showing this map to help put things in perspective for people.

For those of you who follow my stateside travels, you know that I always try and find a TGI Fridays to eat at since they are no longer in AZ. Who would have thought Egypt has more TGI Fridays than Arizona?


This is what my favorite dish looks like in Arabic. Notice also that “Jack Daniels” is replaced with the word “Tennessee.” I’m onto you Cairo.


This is what a typical day looked like. Setting up our crew in some amazing location like the pyramids of Giza and then trying to say something equally profound.


A particularly favorite moment of mine. Jason Ake (right) ended up getting “sand fly bites” on his face and this was Jason Corley (left) taking a picture of it in hopes it wasn’t Ebola.


The three amigos… on camels.


Beds in Egypt are noticeably different than back home. This was one of the many examples of a “unipillow.”


It may look like GoPro Camera inception at first, but this wasn’t even the weirdest thing we did with those cameras. They were mounted on boats, cars, a scooter, a camel, a horse, and a host of other moving items.


These chairs are made entirely out of palm branches. I’d own a couple of them if I could have only figured out how to pack them in my bag.


A gym for ladies only. The stick figures in the picture say it all.


Look closely at the bottom right option… Grilled Viagra. Tastes great but has a wicked aftertaste…


Overlooking all of Cairo from Al Azhar park.


Here I am enjoying one of the many, many, glasses of tea you can expect to drink.


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