Expendables and Expectations

The Expendables Movie 2010Last night we had guys’ night at the movies and watched the only logical choice in that scenario… The Expendables. That’s the stereotypical guy movie with all of the legendary action stars and previews that showed little storyline and a lot of things blowing up. I looked up the reviews online and found a dismal set of critiques. As such, I watched the movie expecting very little out of it other than to have a good time with some friends. And I ended up really liking it. Sure, there were many awful parts by all definitions (including the opening scene), but I was pleasantly surprised by the existence of a storyline, and there were a handful of great tongue-in-cheek moments of humor. I expected little and walked away with much. Had I gone into the movie expecting top notch acting and a mind twisting plot I would have been disappointed for sure. But I was in the mood to have a good laugh with friends and we certainly got that. Having low expectations when it comes to the entertainment world is usually a good idea. It can allow you to be pleasantly surprised with a book, a movie, or even a restaurant. Low expectations are almost always beneficial in these areas. But the reverse is true when it comes to our expectations of our marriage, our kids, ourselves, or of our view of God. When we have low expectations in areas like these we tend to get very little as far as results. These areas demand something from us and when we don’t expect anything we rarely give much. And so we ironically get what we expected, and it’s rarely positive. For us to expect a lot would mean a lot of investment on our part, and the people that put this kind of effort in ironically usually get what they expect as well. The sad reality is that I think we often switch the two and have high expectations in areas that don’t matter much and low expectations in areas that are truly valuable. So what are you expecting?

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Jeremy Jernigan

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