It’s Not How You Start

I absolutely love Disneyland. When I lived in California for three years in college, it was the only thing I truly enjoyed about the state. I even got a job there but never accepted it because of scheduling conflicts. I’m always amazed at how Disneyland can transport you into a different environment, even with all of today’s technology and fast pace. And yet, for all of the greatness and standard of excellence that we know of Disneyland today, history reveals that it didn’t start that way. Watch this video below to see a few of the realities of opening day. It would be easy to look at many of Walt Disney’s ideas and label them crazy and doomed to failure. It would be even easier to do that after the hiccups on launch day. But you’d be wrong. How often do we start something and it doesn’t go like we’d plan, so we end up giving up? After personal frustration and criticism from others we can quickly conclude that just about anything was a dumb idea. But remember this: nobody remembers how something starts. So push through those moments of frustration and spend your time pursuing what truly matters, despite what others may say. Spend your time pursuing those passions that stem from God’s Spirit inside you and your life will have eternal impact now. And it may take awhile till you see the results you’d hope for, but it will be worth it.

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Jeremy Jernigan

Speaker | Author | Founder of Communion Wine Co.