Halloween 2010

Our kids had their first “real” Halloween this year. Gavin was Superman and Madsen was Clark Kent. I may be biased, but they were ridiculously adorable. Gavin even ran from house to house and his cape was blowing behind in the wind. I don’t enjoy what Halloween stands for but it is an incredible time for community with people in your neighborhood. I found out that someone one street over from us goes to Central and one of my neighbors told me that he was my “Bud Man.” (He works for Budweiser and invited me over anytime to hang out with him… and, you know, hydrate). I’d strongly recommend that you take this easy opportunity to connect with those who live near you. Here are some pics of the kids:

Clark Kent

Superman saying “Trick or Treat.”

Clark Kent and Mommy

The superhero duo with Papa and Lisey. Superman is pointing toward a criminal.

Daddy trying to keep up with Superman.

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