Happy Mother’s Day!

As the scene above aptly shows, for many people today is not a great day to celebrate. This causes me to reflect even more on how fortunate I am to not only have an incredible mother but to be married to an incredible mother. IMG_7841One of my favorite memories of my mom was when I was dealing with girl issues in junior high. After attempting to go to bed around 8:30pm, she asked me if something was wrong. I spilled my guts and my mom dropped what she was doing (cleaning out her closet) and we sat together for a few hours while my mom poured value back into the depleted junior high school son in front of her. It’s such a simple, sweet memory that embodies how she lives her life daily. I always knew she’d be available to meet me in the moment and to love me no matter what. Now I get to watch her do this for my kids as their “Cici.” 11218486_10205997608674454_7864757865530735434_nLater I’d fall in love much deeper than the girl who broke my heart in junior high and experience what it feels like to be truly smitten by another woman. I knew something was different the day I met Michelle. What I didn’t know is that watching her become an incredible mother to four kids would be so incredibly attractive. But a selfless person will always attract others to them. I watch her live out the gospel every day in countless ways that I’m usually the only one to see. We played a Jason Mraz song in church this weekend and a particular phrase stood out to me to capture the essence of the love of a good mom: “Wherever you go, you can always come home.” So happy Mother’s Day to these two incredible women who have forever altered me by their love and to the countless other mothers who do this for the people in their lives. It makes all the difference in the world! And just for fun… here’s a picture of my daughter from this weekend. When Michelle went to get her up from naps she discovered that Adelyn had evidently decided to explore the many properties of baby powder. She looks so serious because she couldn’t understand why Mommy wanted to take a picture of her. adelyn

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