Not Responsible For Road Debris

Not Responsible For Road Debris

I was driving on a freeway this week when I noticed the sign on the back of this truck: “Not responsible for road debris.” That’s obviously there as some legal loophole to help prevent the company from being sued. But it got me thinking of how this might play out in a real situation.

Imagine you are driving behind said truck when it hits a bump and a giant piece of something flies up and over the back. Right into your windshield. You begin swerving madly to maintain control of your vehicle and both you and the truck pull off on the next exit. After finding a safe place to stop you get out to see the damage firsthand. You realize you are lucky to be alive. Another few inches and it would have impaled you. However, your car isn’t so lucky. The entire front of it is a mess and you can’t picture it living to drive another day.

Your heart pumps furiously. You stare in disbelief. Once your adrenaline finally levels out, you look over to see the driver of the truck standing next to you. Without saying a word, you give him “the look.” In response to your intense stare he simply asks you a question: “Didn’t you see my sign?”

While the sign likely covers certain legal ramifications, it comes grossly short of what we expect from others. Yet how often do we live this logic in the way we treat those around us? Lower your expectations, here’s what I can easily deliver. Just because it seems culturally reasonable doesn’t make it beneficial. I’m reminded of what the Apostle Paul says.
“If it is possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.” Romans 12:8
So far as it depends on you… What a different way of looking at it. I may not be able to control the truck in front of me, but so far as it depends on me… Instead of living as “not responsible,” we choose to live “as far as it depends on me.” The world teaches us to shirk from our responsibility to those around us. Jesus invites us to love those around us to whatever degree we can shape it ourselves. Which type of environment do you want to live in?

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Jeremy Jernigan

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