Is There Saul in You?

I’m reading the book, A Tale of Three Kings, in preparation for speaking at Central’s high school winter retreat in January. It’s a story about Saul, David, and Absalom. He talks about the prep time that David had after being annointed the next king but before actually becoming king. The frustration and testing that David experienced is something all of us can relate to at times.
“He [Saul] breathes in the lungs and beats in the breast of all of us. There is only one way to get rid of him. He must be annihilated. You may not find this to be a compliment, but at least now you know why God put you under someone who just might be King Saul. David the sheepherder would have grown up to become King Saul II, except that God cut away the Saul inside David’s heart. That operation, by the way, took years and was a brutalizing experience that almost killed the patient. And what were the scalpel and tongs God used to remove this inner Saul? God used the outer Saul.” – Gene Edwards

We all have moments of frustration with people in our lives and usually we focus on them and their flaws. If you are in any type of leadership role for your job, you can no doubt think of decisions that have been made that you disagreed with and you probably had your own biased take as to why that was a bad decision. But maybe God is actually removing those things we hate in us through them? I know I’ve got some Saul in me. So I think I’ll focus on that instead of others.

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Jeremy Jernigan

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