What I Learned from a Weekend with Jon Acuff

We had the privilege of having bestselling author Jon Acuff at Central this weekend. I’ve been a fan of Jon’s for awhile now and I was interested to meet him myself. He had a section in his latest book (just released a week ago) about how most people are jerks so all we have to do is not be a jerk and we automatically stand out. I was excited to meet him and see for myself whether he backed it up. The real test emerged when I drove Jon around in my 1995 Buick Century (appropriately my Dave Ramsey car). Jon’s only question was whether it had air conditioning. Those Nashville guys can barely handle our two digit weather… Jon Acuff and Jeremy Jernigan Here are some of my favorite lines from his talk this weekend:
Never take secret photos of body builders. We have a God who fixes problems with parties. Fear wants you to give your present to your past until you have no future. The only line we control is the starting line not the finish line. Be sick. Be loved.
If you aren’t already, follow Jon on Twitter and check out his new book, Start. I’m grateful for guys like him who are genuine good dudes and are showing the Church how to laugh. Jon is a part of the Dave Ramsey team and collectively they bring a wealth of content to those who are interested. Click here to check out Jon’s site.

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