Top 20 Quotes From Leadership Summit (2019)

Top 20 Quotes From Leadership Summit (2019)

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This was the second year we hosted the Global Leadership Summit at Abundant Life Church. Together with business and church leaders in our community, we spent the last two days growing and practicing being teachable.

Below I’ve selected twenty of my favorite quotes from the event. Each of these quotes is my best representation in writing of what they said verbally or a summary thereof. Any errors in wording are my own. These are in order of appearance at the conference, not in rank.

  1. “If we spend more on something, we aren’t really making it better. We are making a trade. Better is a higher return for an equal or lower investment.” Craig Groeschel
  2. “If you had everything you wanted you might miss what you really needed.” Craig Groeschel
  3. “Diversity is getting invited to a party. Inclusion is getting asked to dance.” Bozoma Saint John
  4. “You need to be a farmer with a pitchfork (leverage the tactics of unconventional conflict, especially when the odds are against you).” Ben Sherwood
  5. “The role of leaders is not to be the hero of anyone’s story but to allow others to be the hero of their own story.” Liz Bohannon
  6. “Small dreams have a surprising power of launching us out of waiting and into creating.” Liz Bohannon
  7. “The number one trend that shapes generations is parenting.” Jason Dorsey
  8. “Disruption is not a threat, it’s an invitation to move to a new normal.” Danielle Strickland
  9. “What compromise have you been making to fit inside doors that are too small for who you really are?” Devon Franklin
  10. “Many of the things we are supposed to do as leaders don’t come with a reward, they actually come with a cost.” Patrick Lencioni
  11. “The cost of a bad meeting is bad decisions.” Patrick Lencioni
  12. “Genuine curiosity is the best hack against fear.” Chris Voss
  13. “There is a huge difference between being busy and being fruitful.” Aja Brown
  14. “Rejection tells us more about the ‘rejector’ than the ‘rejected.'” Jia Jiang
  15. “Your greatest potential to cause damage as a leader is directly tied to your biggest insecurity.” Todd Henry
  16. “If you are not inspired, you cannot inspire.” Todd Henry
  17. “The opposite of prejudice is hospitality.” Krish Kandiah
  18. “Who were you before anyone told you who you were supposed to be?” Jo Saxton
  19. “Dreams will require failure at first, and fear will be a constant journeyman along the way. But we’ve been given a fire inside with which to fight and a faith with which to endure.” Bear Grylls
  20. “Knowledge leads to conclusions, but emotions lead to actions.” Craig Groeschel

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