Madsen Day 2

So the weirdest thing is now I talk about my kids that I have. Odd how you don’t use the word kid when you just have one. And it kind of makes me feel old. But I couldn’t be more proud or excited. We’ve learned a few tricks to make this experience ten times better (if you ever plan on using Banner Gateway, make sure you stop by the gift shop to buy a movie card that unlocks a ton of current movies to your TV). It has also reminded me how blessed we are to have the family and friends that we do.

It’s funny to note in the pictures how much hair Madsen has. Gavin has yet to get his first haircut. It will be a blast to see how each of our boys are different and to watch each of their personalities develop.

Here are some more pictures of the happenings (many of these are from last night). Click on any image to zoom in.

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Jeremy Jernigan

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