Number 11 Dad logo I’m so excited to officially announce a project that has been in the works for a few months now. One of my passions is to challenge and encourage guys to lead their family as the best husband and father they can be. To strategically address that we’ve just launched to be a resource for dads. Here’s what the name means:
“It’s okay not to be number 1, but number 11 is where I draw the line.”
This site is a resource and encouragement for guys who are balancing a career and being a dad. We don’t expect to be the best dad in the world but we know the significance of our roles as fathers and we want to put in the work to be the best we can. I’ll be blogging on this with a handful of other guys as well so there will be a variety of dad stories and perspectives. We even created a quiz to take for dads to find out how they score. You can click here to submit your email on the site to have the content sent to you. A special thanks to my bro Jason Offutt and his company Jordan Rift for making the site look awesome!

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Jeremy Jernigan

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