High School Winter Camp

This afternoon I got back from speaking at Central’s 2011 High School Winter Camp. It was a blast. Every time I do something like this I realize how quickly I feel out of touch with high school students. Luckily, this was a terrific group and I ended up really enjoying my time with them. The culmination of the weekend for me was seeing more than half of them come forward to make a decision for Christ on Saturday night! I’m looking forward to seeing how God continues to develop these students.

One of the really entertaining parts of the weekend was a glow party dance fest that happened Saturday night. Everyone came prepared to stand out in the night. Yours truly even made an appearance…

Yep, that's me giving the camera a double point with a blue steel look. At least my silhouette looks cool.

The band played a cover tune to begin each session and get the kids engaged. Here they are playing a Michael Jackson classic…

This is Jason Grindle and crew performing "Beat It."

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Jeremy Jernigan

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