What Is God’s Role in the Oklahoma Tornado?

oklahoma tornado As of this writing, the confirmed death count for the recent tornado in Oklahoma is twenty four people killed. Our hearts break for the families and communities affected by disasters like this. We stagger to make sense out of the destruction that they leave behind. These moments also provide opportunities for our discussions of God to take center stage as each one of us wonders what His involvement is, or lack thereof, in moments such as this. In moments like these you’ll hear hellfire preachers declare God’s wrath on the gay community or some other group of declared sinners. In moments like these you’ll hear some people say that God must be cruel if He allows things like this but does not stop them. And in moments like these you’ll hear people talk about how this shows us that there is no God since a good God would not allow such heartache. We all need to make sense out of moments like these. But no matter how hard we try, there will never be a good explanation. We simply don’t know why this happens and we’ll never be sure of God’s involvement in moments like these. We must simply hurt with the hurting and share in our humanity by joining alongside of those in need. It is a relatively unknown fact that God’s role with the weather has changed throughout history. Two years ago I looked at what the Bible says about this and it is still just as relevant and needed for us to understand today. Click here to read the Biblical perspective about whether or not God controls the weather.

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