Being Mentored by Seth Godin

Being Mentored by Seth Godin

I was able to see something I had been doing for years in a new light this week. This new insight was as a result of having the privilege to be mentored by Seth Godin. You are likely familiar with Seth’s brilliance from one of his many bestselling books. Here’s the particular issue we were working to improve. For many years I’ve had an email subscription on my blog (see the signup box at the bottom of this post). Those tend to be my more committed readers who want to personally receive an email each day I have a new post. As those of you who receive that email know, you don’t actually receive the entire post in the email. This is intentional. Otherwise, you’d never need to go to my blog. Then, I wouldn’t get any of the traffic stats for my site. As a result, I send out an email to a committed network of people with the first paragraph or so of a post. Then, I hope they click the link to read the full post on my site. In tracking the numbers of this, it’s a minority that actually do this with each post. But, that’s what the logic of the day tells you to do to help your blog. Seth caused me to ask the question like this: Would I rather have more traffic on my blog (but less people actually read what I write), OR, would I rather have less traffic on my blog (but more people actually read what I write)? When I considered it this way, the choice was easy. I came to this conclusion after reading Seth’s book Lynchpin. You see, I don’t actually know Seth Godin and have never had a conversation with him. But he has challenged me to reconsider conclusions I’ve drawn in all sorts of areas. That’s the benefit of reading. In fact, through books as well as everything available online, you now can be mentored by just about anyone. As Jon Acuff recently argued, “Thanks to the Internet, you can no longer say the phrase, ‘I don’t know how to do that.'” I’ve had the opportunity to receive coaching from a number of mentors in my life through personal relationships. Hopefully, you have too. But the incredible opportunity for us all today is to take advantage of an endless array of available mentors to develop you in any area you want. In today’s world, neglecting to be mentored is the death blow of laziness. What do you want to get better at doing? Once you’ve landed on at least something (I’m guessing you could come up with quite a few), who will you choose to mentor you in that area? Read their writing (books + blog), follow them on social media, study their work, or even reach out to them directly. Who knows what/how they could teach you? Hopefully a good number of my email subscribers noticed that Wednesday’s email included the entire post. It will be that way moving forward. Instead of expecting them to click on each email, I’m hoping I can write ideas that are helpful enough my readers choose to share them in all sorts of ways. And if you haven’t signed up for my blog with your email, you can write it in the box below and I’ll now send you an email (no more than three a week) of each post’s full content directly to your inbox. What are your mentors teaching you?

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