Socks and Sandals

socks and sandals True or false: the first time I met my (future) wife Michelle I was wearing socks and sandals. True. While she loves to mock me about it now, I always remind her that apparently she was attracted to the man sporting the bold fashion statement. I recently came across this post that described an archeological find in 2010 that unearthed a shocking reality: the Romans wore socks and sandals. Here is a quote from it:
The rust on nails from one 2,000-year-old sandal unearthed at the site clearly shows the impression of material fibres. It is the oldest evidence ever found of the existence of socks. One researcher said: “They may have shaped the world as we know it, but this just goes to show the Romans didn’t have much style.”
We’ve all made a few decisions we’d like to go back and change. Unfortunately for the Romans, their socks and sandals have followed them. The rest of us will be haunted by all of those digital images we capture constantly. It’s a good reminder for us all not to take ourselves too seriously. Life is too short for it. Question: what is something you once had that is laughable today?

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Jeremy Jernigan

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