What Tax Day Says About Your Faith

April 15th. Few days create an emotional response quite like it. Maybe February 14th for men, but that’s not quite as universal. April 15th is the day we all are held accountable to our taxes. It doesn’t matter if you are rich, poor, old or young… we all answer to tax day. For many people it is a day of dread. If you are in this camp it’s probably because you haven’t put money away all year for this or you are waiting till the last minute to file. For you, April 15th represents the inevitable moment when reality comes crashing in. For others, tax day represents a celebration. If you are in this camp it’s probably because you’ve put money away for taxes all year and have filed with plenty of time to spare. For you, April 15th represents an opportunity to have some unplanned money coming back to you. Two radically different responses to the exact same day. So what does April 15th have to do with our faith? tax day - april 15This weekend I taught at Central on a story that Jesus once told about a servant and his master. Some servants were prepared for when the master returned and it was good news when he came. For others, they had convinced themselves that he wasn’t coming back and were living it up in the moment. For them, the master’s return wasn’t good news. Jesus told us that He is coming back and that we should anticipate His arrival. If we live accordingly, it is great news. If we convince ourselves that He isn’t coming back, His return isn’t good news. Two radically different responses to the exact same thing. So on this lovely tax day I encourage you to think deeply about how you live. Your taxes should be squared away for another year. Now it’s time to ask yourself how you are preparing for a much bigger event. Our attitude toward Christ’s return shows us the maturity of our faith.

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Jeremy Jernigan

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