The Source of Creativity

I recently read the book, Babywise 2, since Gavin is now 5 months old. It is the next edition of the book that was so helpful to us when he was born. One of the things that they mention in the book is the way to train your child to be creative. After I read this, it got me thinking quite a bit.

“Creativity is the product of boundaries, not freedom. With absolute freedom there is no need for creative thinking or problem-solving.” -Babywise 2

This idea is a paradoxical one. Especially when creativity often feels so ellusive. We naturally assume that freedom produces creativity, and yet that is not the case. For an adult, it means that we must embrace times of boundaries instead of wishing for more freedoms. What can you get with a limited budget? What can you accomplish in a limited amount of time? What can you develop with few resources at your disposal? These are questions that produce creativity, and yet most of us don’t like being in these situations. For a leader who wants to be creative it means you must not just embrace these situations, but actually seek them out. Only then will the conditions of creativity be in place and you’ll be primed to deliver something great.

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Jeremy Jernigan

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