The Suns Celebrated My Birthday

Thanks to everyone who gave me birthday wishes today. It is overwhelming and encouraging all at the same time. I have it setup so that my phone gets an update whenever someone posts something on my Facebook wall, so as you can imagine I had a sander in my pocket today.

After work, my wife made an incredible dinner for our family. She made some of our favorite things and had them all labeled with our names on them. As you can imagine, mine involved cheese. I then got to go to the Suns playoff game with my Dad. We were told that we had to wear orange to the game, so we stopped by Target and picked up some sweet matching shirts. We both commented on how bright they looked and how out of place we felt wearing them in the parking lot of Target, but I noted that we would soon fit in.

And it strikes me how often we live with this struggle. We want to fit in somewhere, but that often means we stand out somewhere else. So we must choose which is which and I wonder how many life decisions are the result of this choice alone. Who our friends are, what we spend our time doing, what becomes important to us, etc. Nonetheless, the Suns made it a fantastic night with a terrific birthday victory. Thanks Steve.

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Jeremy Jernigan

Speaker | Author | Founder of Communion Wine Co.