If only I was “there”

We all struggle with the idea that the grass is greener somewhere else. This thinking pushes us to inactivity and complacency. If only we were “there.” Contentment, and productivity, are found by settling in and getting our hands dirty. By pushing past the novelty phase of what we are working on and getting to the part where we start to actually get traction and momentum. But most people don’t get to this part. There isn’t any fanfare or excitement through this phase. It’s always easier to think your silver bullet is on its way to you instead of making the hard decisions you need to today. What is that project that you’ve had in the back of your mind for awhile now? You probably put it on hold awhile ago and keep contemplating a return to it. Now’s the time to tackle it head on. Spend time this week getting back into it and set a goal to get something small done with it. That momentum can help you tackle next week. You get “there” by tackling “here.”

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Jeremy Jernigan

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