TRADY Award – Steve Moore

Happy Labor Day! As a special treat for your holiday enjoyment I’m bringing back something you haven’t seen in awhile. Honestly, it’s been way too long since I’ve handed out this award. For those of you who don’t remember (the last one was in 2010), the TRADY award (Tomorrow’s Reflection Award for Distinguishing Yourself) is a coveted honor. It is given to those among us who stand out from the rest.

This time, the award goes to Steve Moore. He’s the drummer in the following video.

So congratulations Steve and welcome to the TRADY club. You inspire us with your ability to make a boring song into a wildly entertaining song. Thanks for going way beyond the call of duty with your drumsticks.

As usual, if you know of anyone that deserves a TRADY then please email it to me and maybe you’ll see their name next to their own award sometime soon.

Here are the requirements to be considered for this award:

  1. The person must have some unique talent or passion (neigh, obsession) that is different from most people
  2. The person must be someone who is not a “celebrity” and that needs the attention and power that comes from receiving a TRADY
  3. The person must do something that someone else could argue was a complete waist of time

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Jeremy Jernigan

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