When Despair Leads to Acceptance

“A spiritual stronghold is a mindset, impregnated with hopelessness, which causes us to accept as unchangeable, that which we know to be contrary to the will of God.” Wolfgang Simson

One of my close friends on staff recently sent me this quote as we were discussing some of the depressing realities of the world today. My normal reaction is to accept things as they are but what this quote illustrates is that we should never accept something in our world that we know to be contrary to the will of God as an unchanging reality. We must always focus on what God desires to be done even if the current reality looks daunting from our perspective.

What has God given you a passion about but you think it can’t be done? What is that current reality in the world that produces hopelessness in you? Have you accepted it as unchangeable? When despair leads to acceptance we’ve given up on seeing God’s Kingdom in action.

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Jeremy Jernigan

Speaker | Author | Founder of Communion Wine Co. https://linktr.ee/JeremyJernigan