The Writer’s Manifesto

I recently blew through Jeff Goin‘s eBook, The Writer’s Manifesto. It was a quick and focusing little read. As an established writer, Jeff does a great job at focusing writers on what is most important and how to write to your full abilities. It came at a good time as I continue to work on my first book.

Here are a few quotes that capture the essence of the manifesto:

“Writers don’t write to get published. They write for another reason. This is the first and only lesson every writer must learn.”

“Real writers don’t write for recognition. They don’t do it for fame, accolades, or notoriety. They do it, because they cannot not write.”

“As we care less about our audience’s affections, more people will be affected by our writing.”

I particularly love that second quote. As writers, what are those things that we cannot not write? If we focused on these ideas and let them propel us we’d find that we are saying more of the things that really matter. And as his third quote shows, this will bring more impact to what we write.

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Jeremy Jernigan

Speaker | Author | Founder of Communion Wine Co.