#2 (Top 10 of 2011)

This is part of a series of top posts from 2011.

#2: Is Harold Camping Right About May 21, 2011?
I didn’t know what to call this post. My official title is: “Is Harold Camping Right about May 21, 2011?” My alternate title is: “Why You Need to Read the Bible for Yourself.” One of the saddest realities as I’ve been in full-time ministry is the Bible illiteracy that most Christians have. The typical Christian doesn’t know what the Bible says for themselves and so they rely on the weekend message for their Bible intake.  This is dangerous and unhealthy. The Biblical teaching in a weekend message at a church service should always be in addition to your own time reading the Bible. Otherwise, you will have no way of discerning the validity of what you are hearing and you have no idea if the challenges you are being issued are actually biblical and worth taking seriously.
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