God of the Possible (#7 of 2012)

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This is part of a series of top posts from 2012.

My #7 most viewed post from this last year was God of the Possible. Here is the beginning of that post:
God of the PossibleOur life group has been going through Greg Boyd‘s book The God of the Possible. The book is a biblical study on the open view of God. Namely, that God can change His mind and that He allows us the free will to the extent that He doesn’t foreknow every little decision we will make. For people who have grown up with the classical view of God’s foreknowledge (that God foreknows EVERY little detail of EVERYTHING), and who haven’t had a reason to challenge this belief, the open view can be a little unnerving. I know it was for me. But in my studies, it is the only view that gives an accurate voice to what we see throughout Scripture.
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