Top 10 Posts From 2012

Top 10

Like I did last year, I will close out 2012 with a repost of my top ten blog posts from the year. This gives my readers the chance to see the most popular content from the year (especially if you missed a few of them), and gives me some time to start writing great posts for 2013.

I will be posting my top ten blog posts from 2012 during the last ten days of the year. That means that this Saturday (Dec. 22) will be #10, Sunday (Dec. 23) will be #9, all the way up to #1 on Dec. 31st.

These selections are based on how many times each page has been viewed—not how many comments it has. As a result, some of them may come as a surprise to you (I know they were for me). I hope you enjoy catching up with these top posts you may have missed or enjoying them a second time. I’m already working on some fun new things for next year.

This has been my sixth year blogging and I am again thankful that you take the time to read it (a special thanks to those of you that also leave a comment)! This year I saw a record number of new email subscribers, set a new single-day record for traffic, switched over to a new mailing system, and was able to release my first book (which you get for free if you sign up on my mailing list)! I enjoy blogging more with each year and I love working to get better and better at it.

I will also use this as a landing page for each of them as we go so that you can find them all in one place. As I post each one I will update the links below.

  1. The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
  2. Is Barack Obama’s Reelection a Sign of the End Times?
  3. What Is the Right Response to the Shooting in Connecticut?
  4. Should You Protest Chick-fil-A?
  5. Adelyn Ruth Jernigan
  6. What Happened to Veggie Tales?
  7. God of the Possible
  8. 20 Quotes – Leadership Summit
  9. Adelyn Thoughts (Now at Home)
  10. A Tale of Two Cities

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