Bible Enneagram

Bible Enneagram

Like most people, I’ve taken a number of personality tests over the years. One of my favorites is called the Enneagram. While I don’t necessarily hold the same passion for it that many in the Christian community do (I’ve never done a sermon series on it), I find it helpful. More than the obvious strengths and weaknesses, it shows you what you look like when you are healthy, when you are stressed, and when you are unhealthy. The goal isn’t to be a different number, it’s to be the healthiest version of yourself.

My friend Tyler recently asked me what numbers I’d guess for different people in the Bible. It’s a fun mental exercise that challenges both your Biblical understanding as well as your understanding of the Enneagram system. For those of you who are familiar with the nine different personality types, I give you my very subjective list with an example or two for each number:

  1. Reformer – Moses
  2. Helper – Barnabas, Mary the Mother of Jesus
  3. Achiever – Paul, King Solomon
  4. Individualist – John the Baptist
  5. Investigator – Thomas, Luke
  6. Loyalist – King David, Jeremiah
  7. Enthusiast – Peter
  8. Challenger – Jesus, Elijah
  9. Peacemaker – the Apostle John

In case my subtle humor was lost on you, I’m an eight (hence why I placed Jesus there as well). In reality, I think Jesus embodies all of them.

Fun fact: both Michelle and I are eights. This explains so much of how we’ve learned to make our marriage work. Part of why I like the Enneagram system is that you can find out how your number interacts with other numbers. Here’s something we learned about two eights together and has totally been felt in our marriage:

When two Eights are well matched, they paradoxically both stimulate each other and relax each other at the same time. They feel that their energy has been met, so they can relax around the other Eight and turn their attention and energy toward other interests. Two Eights are also able to profoundly relax each other because they have confidence in each other. They know that they have what it takes as a team to do what needs to be done, to be safe, secure, and stable in their own world. The feeling is “We’ve got it covered.”

If you want to find out your number, I’d recommend the $12 Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI v2.5) test. You can click here to take it.

Once you know your number, you can click here to see how you interact with other numbers.

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