Catalyst Day 2

Today we experienced day two of the 2013 Catalyst West Coast conference (minus the last session that we had to ditch to get to the airport in time). One of the coolest experiences of the conference was when they had everyone use the Wham City Lights app for iPhone and Droid that attached your phone into the light show in the room. The video above shows a taste of this and the awesomeness of that moment. Like I mentioned yesterday, the quotes below may not be exactly word for word of what was said but represent the ideas being taught.

Andy Stanley

If you don’t know why it works when it’s working, you won’t know how to fix it when it breaks. Select performance oriented people and position them for impact. Recruit doers not thinkers. Hire doers and then send them to seminary. It is much easier to educate a doer than to activate a thinker. You can rent a thinker. Put your best people on your best opportunities. Fairness ended in the garden of Eden. Never make a decision based on fairness. Team dissolves when the problems are all solved. People will not let go until you let them know where you want to go.

John Ortberg

Easy does not describe the problems I’ll face but the power on the inside. The more inward ease I live with the more outward hard I can handle. Identity and acceptance come before achievement in ministry. Hurry is the great enemy of a spiritual life. The easy yoke is never hurried. You must arrange your time so that you are living with deep contentment in your everyday experience with God. God’s easy order is: Acceptance, sustenance, significance, achievement The world’s hard way is: achievement, significance, sustenance, acceptance May your ministry be hard and your burden be light.

Chip Heath

Trust your intuition when you’ve had a decade (or roughly 10,000 hours) of experience and feedback is quick and clear. Better process = better decisions Reality test your assumptions Attain some distance (combat short term emotion) Prepare to be wrong “Whether or not” = narrow framing Advice for adding distance: sleep on it, think about the consequences for 10 minutes / 10 months / 10 years, add social distance (when recommending to a friend we choose what’s most important) Most of the time spent driving is going straight, but it’s the turns that determine where you end up.
I think my favorite line of the day was Ortberg’s “May your ministry be hard and your burden be light.”
Catalyst 2013 - Jeremy Jernigan, Paul Carpenter, Jeff Thomas

The team that rides together stays together. Or something like that…

Question: Which of the quotes above most stands out to you?

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Jeremy Jernigan

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