Check out my new blog look!

You may have noticed that the site looks quite a bit different the last few days. That’s because I’ve totally overhauled it using a new layout (for those of you who are bloggers I’m using the Standard Theme on WordPress). Here are some of the new features you’ll notice:
  • I’ve recruited Madsen’s help to encourage people to subscribe to my blog. Just try not clicking on his cute little face! So… have you subscribed? If you aren’t getting my posts sent to you, the answer is no. Click here and we can remedy that.
  • There is now a quote on the top right of each page. Every time you load a new page on my site the quote will change. These are some of my favorite ideas from my reading over the years and I hope you find yourself contemplating them as you browse around!
  • The site looks cleaner/simpler and should load quicker.
  • I’ve included gravatar images for comments. This allows you to personalize your logo next to your name when you leave a comment and makes for a more dynamic look when reading through the discussion thread. Don’t have a gravatar image? Click here and you can make one (it will work on all blogs that use them).
  • You’ll notice a moving sidebar on the left that scrolls down a post with you… don’t be scared. This is a tool for you to share a post that you like via Twitter, Facebook, or a handful of other options. I’d be most grateful if you did!
  • My Twitter feed has moved to the right hand sidebar and you can see my latest tweets easily.
  • You’ll still find links to my Off the Record interviews, reading lists, and about me page on the top left. I’ve even added a new speaking page!
So look around and see what you think. I’d love to hear any feedback you’ve got as I work to improve it even more!

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