Should You Listen to the Critics?

[I] saw a blog post today about criticism and cynicism and loved the distinction that it made. Anybody who creates anything knows the vulnerability and sensitivity that comes from the reactions to what they create. The tough question is what should we do with the feedback? Should we listen to every critic or ignore them all? The answer is found somewhere in between.
There are two kinds of doubt you’ll encounter in any new venture – criticism and cynicism. Criticism is doubt informed by curiosity and a deep knowledge of a discipline related to your work. Whether the criticism you receive is constructive or not, it comes from knowledge. Informed insights like “I’m not sure someone would ever pay that much” or “you may not want to outsource that given the high-touch required” may cause you to question your approach. By contrast, cynicism is a form of doubt resulting from ignorance and antiquated ways. Industry experts will often express doubt based on an ingrained muscle memory of past experiences that handicaps their vision for the future. Cynical statements like, “People will never read a book on a computer” or “Why would anyone want to put their rolodex online?” are famous doubts expressed by experts with handicapped vision.
Click here to read the original post from The 99 Percent. What about you? Are you able to distinguish the critics from the cynics?

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Jeremy Jernigan

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