The Skill of Doubt Pt.2

I was surprised by the level of conversation last week on my post called The Skill of Doubt. That post quickly became one of the all-time top commented posts on my blog. It created tons of discussion and hopefully led us all to be more objective with our theology and study of the Bible. I was recently sent an article on the same topic, written by Peter Enns. Here are a few of his highlights:

Doubt tears down the castle walls to force us on a journey. It may feel like God is far away or absent when in fact doubt is a gift of God to move us to spiritual maturity. Doubt is not a sign of weakness but a sign of growth.

When your faith has no room for doubt, then you are just left with—religion, something that takes its place in your life among other things—like a job and a hobby, something soft and comfortable. Doubt is God’s way of helping you not go there.

You can read the entire article here.

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Jeremy Jernigan

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