Goodbye TNIV

It was announced recently that they will be working on a new version of the hugely popular NIV (New International Version) translation of the Bible. You may be aware that they did this a few years ago and produced the TNIV (Today’s New International Version). That version was met with very mixed results. As a recent article in Forbes explained: “Whatever its strengths, the TNIV has become an emblem of division in the evangelical Christian world.”
So what exactly does that mean for the TNIV now? It will “cease publication once the new-look NIV is released, said Moe Girkins, president of Zondervan, its North American publisher.” Even though the TNIV has the support of established names such as Andy Stanley, John Ortberg, Bill Hybels, and Philip Yancey, it still isn’t enough to keep it alive.
This makes me sad. I was one of the apparently small minority of people that really enjoyed the TNIV. In fact, I primarily teach from my own copy. As my friend Zach stated, “so owning a TNIV will be kinda like owning a mac cube? Great product, here for just a little while.”
I’m interested to see the latest revisions on the NIV, set to be published in 2011. Will it suffer the same fate as the TNIV, or rise above its original and surpass it?

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Jeremy Jernigan

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