My Top 15 iPhone Apps

kindle-apps Audible Camera+ App Diptic_icon_large Instagram-Logo-big Wunderlist Milebug-App-Logo lift dropbox-icon logo_you version bible Circa evernote I was recently asked by a new iPhone convert to share some of my favorite apps. Since so much of my world is connected to my phone I realized how much these apps aid me in my everyday tasks. Some people look at technology as a burden and a detractor from the “real world.” While I’ll certainly acknowledge that technology, like just about anything, can easily be abused, I also know that if it is used well it can be an incredible tool. I strive to use it as such. Here is my list of my favorite 15 apps that allow me to intentionally use my time efficiently. Organization
  • Lift (daily goal management—I wrote about it here)
  • Wunderlist (great app for making all sorts of to-do lists)
  • MileBug (tracking mileage)
  • Dropbox (file management between devices)
  • Evernote (great place to organize thoughts/ideas)
  • Camera+ (app I use for taking pictures, allows you to edit pictures easily)
  • Diptic (making a collage of photos split-screen)
  • Instagram (photo uploads and sharing, syncs nicely with Facebook and Twitter)
  • YouVersion (Bible software that I read daily, many free reading plans as well as multiple versions)
  • Circa (great app for keeping up with top news stories)
  • Kindle (my preferred reading app, more robust features and portability than iBooks)
  • Audible (listening to audiobooks)
  • Flashlight (it seriously amazes me how often this comes in handy)
  • Pandora (I’ve moved away from using iTunes and now mostly stream my music… anywhere I go)
  • Starbucks (amazing app if you like Starbucks)
How about you? What apps do you use that have become invaluable to your workflow?

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