Life Axioms – Part 2

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Earlier this year I read an entertaining book called “Living with a Seal” by Jesse Itzler where he literally hires a Navy Seal to privately train (and live with) him for a month. It’s a hilarious read to be sure. There’s an offhanded comment in the book about how Jesse only eats fruit till noon. I had never heard of this concept and was intrigued when I read it. He said he got it from a book he read almost three decades before.

That book is called “Fit for Life” by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. Of course, I then had to read that book as well (I love it when good books connect me to other good books!). The book is about nutrition and specifically how your body processes the food you eat. There’s a number of interesting concepts in the book (I don’t really follow the other ones) but the primary one is about only eating fruit in the morning. I decided to try it myself and this has since become an axiom I live by.

Life Axiom: Only eat fruit till noon.

The reason why is that your body digests fruit differently than other foods, and much quicker. Eaten on an empty stomach, fruit allows you to have a little natural detox every morning. I had already been on a journey of trying to incorporate more fruits and veggies into my diet and this gave me a practical way to do it. I go shopping once a week to my local Sprouts store and load up on a ton of fruits. I’m not a doctor and can’t vouch for the science behind it, but I feel better and I look forward to eating fruit in the mornings. Combined with another new axiom for me (coming soon), I’ve significantly upped the real foods I’ve been eating every day and enjoying it.

Once you learn about how your body digests fruit, you’ll learn an interesting corollary: “Fruit should never be eaten with or immediately following anything.” So it’s basically fruit till noon and then you move on to other foods. Here are a few reasons to get you started on the theory:

Fruit requires less energy to be digested than any other food. In fact, it demands practically none! Here’s why: Everything consumed by the human body must eventually be broken down and transformed into glucose, fructose, glycerine, amino acids, and fatty acids. The brain cannot function on anything but glucose (sugar). Fruit is glucose in the body. Its digestion, absorption, and assimilation require only a minute fraction of the energy necessary to break down other foods. Other foods spend anywhere from one and a half to four hours in the stomach.

As long as your stomach is empty, you can eat all the fruit you wish over as long a period as you wish, so long as twenty to thirty minutes elapse before eating anything else. This will allow the time necessary for the fruit or juice to leave your stomach. Juice and some fruits take less time, but twenty to thirty minutes is a good standard to use to be sure. Bananas, dates, and dried fruit need about forty-five minutes to one hour. Once you have eaten anything other than fruit, you must wait at least three hours.

From the time you wake up in the morning until at least noon, consume nothing but fresh fruit and fruit juice. Eat or drink as much as you desire; put no limitations on how much you want. If you desire it, have it; but listen to your body—don’t overeat! If you have nothing but fruit and fruit juice, you will be able to create, not burn up, a huge chunk of your available energy for the day. Fruit demands practically no energy to be digested, because it does not digest in the stomach. It needs no further digestion if well chewed. The intestines are where all nutrients are absorbed. Because fruit finds its way into the intestines within minutes instead of hours, its nutrients are immediately absorbed and utilized by the body. By eating fruit you make your entire day more productive and more energetic, because you have conserved rather than squandered your energy. You will be amazed at what an incredibly dramatic effect this will have on your entire life once you adjust to ONLY FRUIT AND FRUIT JUICES UNTIL NOON.

If you’re intrigued by the idea, check out the Fit for Life book and learn the philosophy behind the idea (see: Amazon link). It’s a great way to feel better and incorporate more real foods into your life.

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