Thanks for the Pleasing Conversation

Thanks for the Pleasing Conversation

Yesterday I had the chance to have lunch with an old friend named Tony. We met at Costa Vida, one of our mutually favorite places. As we were ordering I joked with the employees that I didn’t know why they always ask me what meat I ordered (when I pay at the end of the line) since they are known for their sweet pork. I teased them that they should basically just ask what form you want to eat your sweet pork in (nachos, tacos, quesadilla, salad, etc.).

Tony and I sat for a couple hours catching up on life, ministry, and the things God has been doing in our lives. About five years ago I hired him as an intern at Central and he’s spent the last 4-5 years at other churches and he now lives in another state. It’s awesome to see him in ministry in a greater capacity today. It was also a cool moment when Tony handed me a copy of his book he recently released. It’s called The Ugly Couch and talks about a lot of the lessons he’s been learning. You can support him and get your own copy of it here. Tony did a Kickstarter for it and put in a lot of hard work. I shared with him some of the things I’ve been learning about writing. There was something so fulfilling to me about a friendship maturing over time and distance.

As we talked, one of the managers of the restaurant stopped by our table and left a styrofoam bowl behind. I looked at him with a questioning look and he responded by saying, “Thanks for the pleasing conversation.” It was a pound of sweet pork.

As an introvert, today gave me a great reminder that people are worth it. And people are all around you! I’ve written about this realization before, but it’s easy for me to forget. The opportunity for a pleasing conversation with a stranger or a distant friend is always available if we take the time for them. I’m glad I did today.

What pleasing conversation could you have today?

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Jeremy Jernigan

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