Standard – Trampled

[I]t may come as a shock to many of my readers, but in my younger days I spent much of my time playing music. I never excelled at anything, but I dabbled in quite a few instruments. Between high school and college I was in three different bands with three  different styles of music. Recently I went back and revisited a project I worked on in college with my friend Gary Wallace.

Gary and I called our group Standard and we recorded a handful of songs on my laptop. Below you can listen to our song titled “Trampled.” For me, it’s a fun trip down memory lane listening to this but I’m not sure what reaction you will have! If I don’t end up regretting posting this one I may even post more in the days to come. 😉

As you can see from the graphic below (from one of our promo flyers), our claim to fame is that we opened up for Tyrone Wells.

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Jeremy Jernigan

Speaker | Author | Founder of Communion Wine Co.