TRADY Award РFran̤ois Macr̩

Yes, another deserving over-achiever has arrived to receive the coveted TRADY (Tomorrow’s Reflection Award for Distinguishing Yourself). This one even hops continents and goes to a French guy. Before I go on explaining why he has earned this honor, please take a second and watch the video below.

Wow, all I want to know is how many hours did this take? Beyond the impressive layering of pure skill on each of the tantalizing 64 a capella audio tracks is the beauty of a nice and thick French accent to a classic Michael Jackson jam. Amazing.
As usual, if you know of anyone that deserves a TRADY then please email it to me and maybe you’ll see their name next to their own award sometime soon. Thanks to Mitch for suggesting François.
Here are the requirements to be considered for this award:
  1. The person must have some unique talent or passion (neigh, obsession) that is different from most people
  2. The person must be someone who is not a “celebrity” and that needs the attention and power that comes from receiving a TRADY
  3. The person must do something that someone else could argue was a complete waist of time

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Jeremy Jernigan

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