Who’s Laughing Now?

Who’s Laughing Now?

Ever had the feeling that people were laughing at you behind your back? Or worse (maybe), you saw them laughing at you to your face? None of us want to be in that position. Seth Godin recently wrote a great post about failure and choosing pessimism (see: Sharpening Failure). One of his lines stood out in particular:
“The universe is not laughing at us. It doesn’t even know we exist.”
I agree. That’s an excellent way to overcome the nagging appeal to choose pessimism when a situation doesn’t play out the way you hoped it would. Despite what you read online or heard from that one friend of yours (we all have one), the conspiracy theory against you isn’t real. That’s good news. But here’s even better news than that: God knows you exist and He’s with you right now. And He’s not laughing at you either. Here’s the irony: we tend to be the ones who laugh at God, not the other way around. Abraham laughed at God when he learned God’s plan for his life. His wife Sarah laughed about it too. According to the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, people laughed at Jesus. When we put this all into context it should cause us to realize how truly unbelievable it is that the Creator of the Universe knows us and cares for us right now. That’s worth becoming an optimist about.

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