Words I Live By (Pt.2)

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I first heard of this idea from Simon Sinek. He wrote this book about it and also talks about it in this TED talk. It has since become one of our sub-series in the Gospel of Luke at Central since it was such a cool perspective to dive into the sermon on the mount with. The reality is that good communicators/leaders can be separated from the rest of the crowd simply by their ability to do this. Often, we struggle through the busyness of life and focus all of our time on the what. Here’s what I need you to do. Here’s what I need to know. What is that going to cost? The problem is that everyone has a what and most people don’t care about your what. But if you’ll take the time to tell the why behind the what, then you distinguish your what above the rest. Suddenly, I’m looking far beyond the basics of what you’re saying to me and suddenly I’m engaged with it at a totally different level. Why don’t we do this more often? Because it takes extra effort, and at first glance it doesn’t seem necessary. Many of us think of it as a trivial tangent to what we are trying to accomplish. Make no mistake, it is the why that will get people engaged. It is the why that makes things happen. There is always a why behind the what—are you telling people about it?

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