Bible reading plan for 2013

The Lookout Bible Reading Plan Like I did last year and the year before, I want to start out 2013 by letting you know what I’m doing to read the Bible this year and encouraging you to get engaged yourself. Each year for the past few years I’ve alternated both my Bible reading plan and my version of the Bible I’m using. This allows me to read the Bible each year while also keeping it fresh. This is the same concept as muscle confusion for those of you workout-nerds among us. One of the reasons this is recommended for physical workouts is that “The body should never be allowed to accommodate to an exercise to the point where the exercise is ineffective and results are no longer seen.” The same is true of your mind, heart, and soul when it comes to experiencing God’s Word. Sadly, many people either don’t read through the Bible or read it and don’t ever get much out of it. I’ve found that changing reading plans and changing translations each year are great ways to enhance your time spent reading. This year, I’m reading through The Lookout Bible Reading Plan using on my phone. Here is the description for this plan:
Six readings per week provide the “”big biblical picture” as you read through the entire Bible in 12 months. Each day you’ll read from the Gospels, another New Testament book, the Wisdom books (Job-Ecclesiastes), and another Old Testament book.
If you have no idea which reading plan to try then I’d invite you to do this one with me. If this isn’t what you’d prefer then you can check out an entire list of free plans on YouVersion’s site. I’ll also be reading the the NLT (New Living Translation) version this year. This is a more phrase-by-phrase based translation that is easier to read with its smooth English. I’m coming off a very literal translation last year. For comparison, I used the Historical Bible Reading Plan and the NASB (New American Standard Bible) version last year. Click here to check out YouVersion yourself. Question: What Bible Reading Plan and translation will you be using this year?

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