Guest Blogger-Austin Gutwein

I’ve been spending some extra time with Austin Gutwein this summer talking about ministry, God, and life in general. In case you haven’t heard, Austin is the amazing guy that started Hoops of Hope when he was nine years old. He’s also got his own book coming out in September.

I asked Austin to guest blog for me. The question I asked him was: “What has God been teaching you lately?” Here is his response:
“I have been reading a lot about the beginning of the church. It is really incredible for me how these people stayed in Jerusalem just like they were told by Jesus and waiting for the Holy Spirit. As I read through this in the beginning of Acts, it really hit me just how incredible this must have been for these people. Here they were sitting together just waiting for the Holy Spirit to come over them. I have never ran track before but I am sure it was just like that for the apostles. They had their feet all ready to go and they were just waiting to burst out with energy and excitement. That is what I imagine it was like for the apostles, all of them waiting in a room with a tremendous excitement for what was to happen. They knew when the Holy Spirit came upon them it was like the gun had sounded. All of a sudden they would be able to go out and share the gospel. And they did just that.
Acts 2:6-7, “They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them all of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.” I love this passage so much I just think that would be the most amazing thing to see. The Holy Spirit sure did come into them but in an incredible way. And what is even more incredible is what they were able to do after that. They spoke in people’s own language. They didn’t need Rosetta Stone. They had the Holy Spirit. And God gave the Holy Spirit to the apostles at the perfect time. Pentecost, the Jewish harvest festival, requires all the Jew’s to come and give their 10% to God. Now just as all the Jews are in Jerusalem, they are able to hear the truth of Jesus in their own language.
Once I finished reading this passage it helped me to realize that I can speak to my non-Christian friends about Christ because I have the Holy Spirit with me. Even though I might not have a “tongue of fire on my head” I have a renewed energy to go out and help those who need Him.  And I know He will give me the words to say when the time comes.” — Austin

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